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Rasul Treatment Muds

  • Rasul Room Treatment Mud is supplied in 7.5kg tubs, to be stored in a cool, dry place;
  • Rasul Treatment Muds are supplied as a minimum order quantity of 2x 7.5kg;
  • Mud is applied by smoothing onto the skin, using different Mud for different areas of the body as shown below;
  • Essences are supplied as a minimum order quantity of 4x 5ltr Containers;
  • Data Sheets are provided at point of order

Steam Room Dosing systems infuse diluted Milk based Essences, whereby Sauna Cabins dependent on the type of dosing System installed, infuse either a diluted Milk or Oil based Essence.

  • Treatment Mud Types:
    Unit Quantity
  • Alpha Mud (Face)
  • Beta Mud (Upper Body, Neck, Bust)
  • Delta Mud (Feet & Elbows)
  • Epsilon Mud (Back & Legs)
  • Gamma Mud (Abdomen)
  • Zeta (Arms)

Treatment Mud Types

Alpha – (Suitable for the face):A white medicinal earth of very fine consistency. Rich in montmorillonite giving a very creamy feel that clings well to the skin allowing a good drawing action.

Beta – (Suitable for the Upper Body, Neck & Bust):A yellow medicinal earth with medium grain size and a creamy structure, moderate drawing and gentle peeling properties. Ideal for the upper body, neck, bust.

Delta – (Suitable for the Feet & Elbows):A blue medicinal earth containing a fine silt and a very creamy structure that gives a strong drawing action and a light peeling.

Epsilon – (Suitable for the Back & Legs): A dark grey medicinal earth with a large grain giving high mechanical stimulation and a very strong peeling. Most suitable for the back and legs. Of special interest is the content of salt which has a cleansing effect.

Gamma – (Suitable for the Abdomen):A red medicinal earth with grains of silt and a kaolin content that gives a medium – strong peeling effect and a medium drawing action.

Zeta – (Suitable for the Arms): A light grey medicinal earth with a high content of medium sized grains enabling a strong active peeling effect and a medium drawing action.