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Sauna & Steam Room Essence

  • Essence Milks are designed to be infused via an Automatic Essence Dosing System;
  • Essence Milks are designed for dilution. Dilution Rates should be carried out at 20 parts water to 1 part Essence unless stated otherwise on the Essence Container Label, where dilution instructions are provided;
  • Essences are supplied in 5ltr Containers, which are to be stored in a cool, dry place;
  • Essences are supplied as a minimum order quantity of 4x 5ltr Containers;
  • Orders can be a mixture of different Fragrances and Products;
  • Data Sheets are provided at point of order

Steam Room Dosing systems infuse diluted Milk based Essences, whereby Sauna Cabins dependent on the type of dosing System installed, infuse either a diluted Milk or Oil based Essence.

  • Economy Essence Milks:
    Unit Quantity
  • Vapex Standard (Eucalyptus/Menthol Blend) Milk
  • Menthol & Lavender Milk
  • Citrus Milk
  • Honey Mandarin Milk
  • Premium Essence Milks:
    Unit Quantity
  • Vapex Extra (Eucalyptus/Menthol Blend) Milk
    *Best Seller & Exclusive to Aroma Leisure*
  • Peppermint Milk
  • Valencias Orange Milk
  • Zesty Lemon & Lime Milk
  • Lemon & Sweet Lavender Milk
  • Blossom Milk
  • Eucalyptus Milk
  • Luxury Essence Milks:
    Unit Quantity
  • Energise Milk
  • Relaxing Milk
  • Warming Milk
  • Cleansing Milk
  • Persian Lime Milk
  • Sweet Rose Milk
  • Ice Mint Milk
    *Feel the cold sensation on your skin!*

Vapour therapy is provided by the following essential oil fragrances:

Vapex Standard: A Menthol/Eucalyptus Blend which assists respiratory problems & stimulates the brain. An ideal wake up before work!

Menthol & Lavender: Assists respiratory problems and has relaxing properties to restores the body and mind. An ideal relaxing Essence for after work!

Citrus: Provides a sharp, fresh citrus aroma. Assists with digestion and stimulates the mind & body.

Honey Mandarin: A Rich, smooth and Juicy Aroma, which helps strengthen the immune system &
relieves stress.

Vapex Extra: A menthol fragrance containing Olbas Oil & Eucalyptus, giving a more enhanced & sharp aroma. Assists in fighting respiratory problems.

Peppermint: A menthol fragrance known to ease migraines and indigestion, Peppermint also
stimulates the brain & increases concentration.

Valencias Orange: A citrus & stimulating Aroma, which helps to sooth the nervous system by
reducing stress & tension. This fragrance is also known to boost the digestive system.

Zetsy Lemon & Lime: A Citrus Aroma which energises the tired mind & body. Assists with digestion.

Lemon & Sweet Lavender: A fresh fragrance, which contains relaxing properties to restore the body
& spirit. The Lemon fragrance aids fever & cold and creates a very fresh feel to the aroma. The
Lavender fragrance aids muscle tension.

Blossom: A floral fragrance which can assist skin disorders, plus has balancing & calming properties.

Eucalyptus: A menthol fragrance which is most commonly used to fight respiratory problems aswell as easing congestion. Eucalyptus is also known to stimulate the brain & increase concentration.

Persian Lime: Provides a similar experience to Lemon & Lime with a sweeter crisper aroma.

Sweet Rose: A floral fragrance which assists with allergies and asthma. Rose vapour is particularly
effective in fighting emotional strains.

Ice Mint: A menthol fragrance with a difference! Assisting with respiratory problems, Ice Mint gives an ice cold sensation to the body as well as the mind!

Based on Aromas similar to Spa Skincare products, appealing to Health Spas looking for more of a Wellness feel then try one of our four Wellness Essences:

Energise: Citrus with Peppermint combined with a hint of Floral, introducing Camomile which assists with headaches & migraines.

Relaxing: A Floral Aroma combined with Lavender which provides a fresh aroma with relaxing properties.

Warming: Introducing the combination of Thyme & Eucalyptus with other Essential Oils, providing a warming fragrance which assists with respiratory problems & muscular aches & pains.

Cleansing: Introducing the combination of Thyme and Eucalyptus with floral & citrus aromas, which assists the mind & body.