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Up & Coming Products

Oil Burner Essence
Enhance your Wellness & Treatment Rooms

Sauna Herbs
Create a rustic feel to your Sauna with a selection of dried Herbs

Using natural ingredients and Essential Oils, look out for our Skincare & Haircare Ranges coming soon, which will provide an Aroma package throughout your Wellness Area


New Fragrances & Bespoke Service:

Our continual development of new Fragrance Blends offer our clients different alternatives.
Watch out for our seasonal recommendations and offers.
Our Bespoke Service allows you, the client, to develop an Essence of your choice specific to your Site. Come to the Fragrance Laboratory to create your Essence or simply contact us with your idea and a sample will be created.


Discover the hidden health benefits of sauna

People living in Finland and Sweden already know it – sauna therapy is a wonderful way to reduce anxiety and stress, while promoting relaxation, contentment and peace of mind. However, saunas and steam-baths are much more than just leisure products. Other health benefits of using sauna include muscle.


Three simple tips – How to live a longer life with less stress

Tip: Sauna and steam-baths
Sauna and steam-baths cleanse the body and relax the mind by generating abundant sweat. This is achieved with a 10-20 minute session in a room warmed to 180+ degrees Fahrenheit.

Tip: Deep breathing
In modern society, the impact of breathing on our health goes largely unnoticed. It’s a shame because when you breathe correctly, your body reacts in many positive ways.

Tip: Massage therapy
Many people view massages as luxury splurges with no real health benefit. That is, however, far from the truth. This hands-on healing is terrific for removing blockages as well as for dealing with stress, migraines and neck pain. Another wonderful side benefit of massage is improved quality of sleep.